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    Parents & Students

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    Ultimate School Communication system


Children of involved parents show higher academic performance.


Children of involved parents demonstrate an increased motivation for learning.


Involved parents have children with more regular attendance.


Children of involved parents show more positive attitude about homework.


Through smart phones, the AlertParent Communication system makes it possible for schools to easily communicate school alerts and classroom information with parents about their children in the manner which is most convenient for them. AlertParent is a web based service. No installation required.
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Teachers quickly and easily communicate classroom related information such as homework, classroom activities, reminders, notes, results, student remarks and more. AlertParent helps teachers maintain an open line of communication with the parents of their students.
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Substantial evidence shows that parent involvement benefits students, including their academic achievement. There are other advantages for children when parents are involved increased motivation for learning, improved behavior, regular attendance, and positive attitude about homework and school.
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Aware & Cognizant
School admins may post school alerts such as closings, emergencies, events, and back pack notices electronically and see all kinds of reports about teachers, students and parents.



Involved & Caring
Stay connected with parents and students throughout the year. AlertParent app can actually reduce teacher workloads. No more surprises at parent-teacher interviews.



Alert, Happier & in Sync
All parent want the same thing - Best results for their kid, but the problem is time! AlertParent enables a greater connectivity without asking for more time from either.



Smarter and performing better
AlertParent gives students the tools they need to stay on track, and their parents a way to provide support when they need it. Keep up-to-date with your home assignments!

How it works

AlertParent is a cloud-based system offering a centralized interface that allows non-technical school administrators to self-administer and manage time-sensitive communications to parents, students, and teachers.

Powered by Activa, AlertParent works by sending an alert to iPhone and Android Smartphones. AlertParent allows school administrator(s) to send a message to ten or tens of thousands of people within minutes, without having to call anyone. Messages can be initiated from anywhere via the web or net-connected phone.

The AlertParent web interface allows Administrators to setup accounts, classes, subjects, teachers, and groups, send advisories, manage subscribers, and view reports. Because AlertParent is completely web-based, it will not clog up your own IT infrastructure, nor will it require many man-hours to install, integrate, and operate.


Features of AlertParent

  • Go Green

    Eliminate printing costs and mailing costs by going paperless. We help schools Go-Green and save money by providing paperless communication of important school announcements and back pack home notices (which usually do not make it home). No more excessive printing costs and waste.

  • Categorize your content

    You can categorize the alert to target classes, parents, staff, teachers, groups, etc.

  • Hosted and Managed Solution

    No upfront integration or setup fee, no special hardware required by the school.

  • Be Prepared for any situation

    Within minutes of an emergency, school officials can use AlertParent to deliver a single, clear message to parents.
    It s an effective way to keep parents informed of everyday activities, such as events, homework, schedule changes, student results and attendance etc.

  • Events Notification

    Synchronized to the parent s own personal iPhone & Android Calendar at the click on a button.

  • Website Integration & Branding

    Can be integrated with your existing website via API.