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Used by thousands of schools in US and Canada.

Some examples of Alerts & Notifications:

  • Student is absent.
  • Upcoming exams, tests and their results.
  • School fee notification & reminder
  • Schedule changes or cancellations (inform parents, students and faculty of any early closings, delays and cancellations).
  • When the holidays start and when they end.
  • Schedule and reminders of parent-teacher meetings.
  • Due to emergencies the school is sending the kids back home.
  • When the supporting parent meetings are held.
  • Job vacancy at the school
  • Any specific tutor needed
  • Alerts on different field trips and educational trips for the students
  • Any Events
  • When their child is not feeling well
  • Homework
  • When their child wants to leave with someone claiming to know them that the school does not recognize
  • Any event at which the parents are allowed to attend and help, or the school needs volunteers
  • Start of any new development at the school (new swimming pool, nutrition classes etc.)
  • Exam / test results