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Features of AlertParent


Parents and teachers can see their children's exam performance over time in easy to see comparison graphs that can tell them if their kids are getting better or worse and provide support when it matters most!

Compare your child's result with the rest of the class. No more excuses from your child!

Compare Results

Instant alerts to parents when their kids skip classes - reduce truancy and make sure your kids are safe!

All the important notifications in one place in a calendar that shows parents-teacher meetings, events, assignments, alerts, etc. Keeping engaged, involved and alert has never been easier!


Teachers can easily mark attendance, give homework and assignment and also upload results in easy to navigate tabs. Less work for the teacher and more informed parents in parent~teacher meetings.

Teachers can easily see top and poor performers in one console and can take necessary action.

Class Average

Teachers can easily see their class averages over time!

Teachers can easily upload assignments that the student and their parents can see. Students can even download additional documents that the teacher has uploaded. Parents can be more aware parents when it comes to homework.


School administrators can easily setup their schools in less than an hour. Easy import of data from CSV files and wizards for setting up the school.

The administrators can also set the global preferences for their schools "branded" portal and app. The interface will then remain same for all the parents, staff and students.

Admin Functions

School administrators can easily create events, alerts and meeting notifications and can select recipients.