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Become a Reseller

AlertParent school notification system offers a generous partner reseller program. If your company’s customers are K-12 schools (public or private), school districts or universities and colleges then you could easily increase your revenue per customer by partnering with AlertParent.

We offer two ways to work with us:

Franchise or White Label Reseller:

As a Franchise or white label reseller you provide our services through our AlertParent brand or as a white label system aesthetically customized to promote your brand. In addition to meeting our qualification criteria there is a one-time franchise fee and a monthly license fee based on registrations. In return, we provide you with our complete system.
You are responsible for marketing, selling, billing, and providing support to the end user.

Referral Partner:

A referral partnership requires less resources and work on your part and is a good starting point. As a referral partner you will introduce the local franchisee to qualified prospects. You assume the responsibility of representing and contracting services as well as delivering post-sales support. Services are offered to your prospects at our standard retail pricing and when an opportunity is closed, you receive a percentage of revenues earned on a recurring basis.

AlertParent school alert notification system is backed by award winning technology and a highly lauded customer support team. Increase your revenue per customer and add turnkey dollars to your bottom line today. Partner with industry leader, AlertParent, to deliver a superior school notification and communication system to your customers.

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