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Why AlertParent


Through smart phones, the AlertParent Communication system makes it possible for schools to easily communicate school alerts and classroom information with parents about their children in the manner which is most convenient for them.
AlertParent is a web based service. No software or staff needed.

Following are the benefits:

  • School Wide / Branch Wide Admin Console
    A multiple points of administration are given with a school wide account. A school admin has the ability to manage branches, teacher/parent accounts, and school content subscribers. Also, the console is used to communicate school related alerts, notices, homework, results and announcements.
  • Send School Wide Alerts To Parents or Staff
    Did you know that parents are 10 times more likely to acknowledge an electronic communication in minutes compared to a written notice? So why spend so much on paper � go green! The school alert feature is a great way to convey important school alerts such as school closings, delays, notices and emergencies. When an alert is posted, it is received by parents in a variety of ways = email, mobile device apps and text message alerts, etc.
  • Branded Android and iPhone/iPad Applications for Your School
    With the AlertParent School Alerts mobile app parents can: receive school alerts (such as closings, emergencies, homework notices, announcements, etc.) with real time notifications, view the latest school wide notifications on-demand, view exam results, information and homework on-demand, get notifications when teachers update homework assignment. Finally an App that keeps parents connected to your school!
  • Back Pack Notices
    Helps schools get greener as it allows an admin to post and maintain paperless Take Home Notices from your school. No more excessive printing costs and paper waste. Every time a take home notice is posted, such as "New Cell Phone Policy," parent/student subscribers receive an alert that a new notice is posted via email and mobile device, and the notice is posted on your school�s bulletin board automatically also.
  • Schedule School Announcements
    Allows an admin to post school announcements on your school's bulleting pages and convey non-critical school news such as sports scores, upcoming events, long term notices, etc.
  • Integrate with Your Existing School Website
    Direct links, RSS feeds, JavaScript API are just some of the ways you can integrate AlertParent content into your existing school website.
  • Easily Import /export Parent, Students and Staff Information
    You can easily upload school data about parents, students and staff including their details to get started in less than 24 hours.
  • Extremely Affordable
    Because AlertParent is a hosted, web based solution, there are no servers and equipment to buy and no consultants to hire. The school does not pay anything upfront. Parents love us because of the negligible rates to keep involved and aware about their child.


Teachers quickly and easily communicate classroom related information such as homework, classroom activities, reminders, notes, results, student remarks and more. AlertParent helps teachers maintain an open line of communication with the parents of their students.

Let the parents know instantly that their child is absent. Allows teachers to take attendance in the classroom and immediately reports results to the school office. Send the parents special remarks or Parent Teacher meeting notices. Show a day's worth of assignments and homework- or upload the class test results � its up to you. You have the flexibility to communicate the information you feel is beneficial to parents, students, and others. There are numerous documents that stress the importance of parent and teacher communication.
Parents and the relationships that they share with their child's teacher have been researched for many years now. These studies have concluded that when a parent is actively involved with their child's education, it benefits all involved in one way or another.
Communication is one of the top strategies for fostering the relationships that grow between a parent and the educators that work with their child. The educational system is faced with many challenges and obstacles, and when parents and teachers communicate effectively these may be successfully overcome.
The first step to effective communication is to ensure that parents understand that it is more than just gathering reports from your child's teacher on their overall performance in the classroom. It is also more than acquiring information about the child's behavior while in the educational environment. It is about achieving a fluid exchange of information between both the teacher and the parent about the achievements within the classroom as well as the child's general persona. It is about sharing the child's weaknesses and strengths both at home and at school.

AlertParent also aids in the collaboration between the teacher's agenda and lesson plans with the parent so that the skills being introduced in the classroom are being reinforced in the home environment.


Substantial evidence shows that parent involvement benefits students, including their academic achievement. There are other advantages for children when parents are involved � increased motivation for learning, improved behavior, regular attendance, and positive attitude about homework and school.

  • Parental involvement enhances academic performance. The more intensely the parent is involved, the greater chance of academic success.
  • Parental involvement leads to better classroom behavior. A parent's interest/encouragement can affect a child's attitude towards school, classroom conduct, self-esteem, and motivation.
  • Parent's should stay involved in their children's education from preschool through high school.
  • AlertParent can help parents get involved.
  • Significant involvement most likely develops when schools actively seek out ways for parents to get involved.
  • Parental involvement lifts teacher morale.
  • Parental involvement benefits both children and parents. Parents will gain a better understanding of school curriculum and activities and communicate better with their children.
  • Time constraints are the greatest barrier to parental involvement. That is where AlertParent excells!